Friday, 14 March 2014

Photos Of The Week

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you've all got some great things planned for the weekend, As I announced a few days ago, I was going to shut down my 'Pretty Polish' blog. I just wasn't happy with it, also it didn't feel like my own. So I sat down and thought of ideas which would make it my own. I hope you like the idea I have come up with and you are all more than welcome to comment below for your ideas.
So to start of with I thought seen as we've been having this wonderful weather, last weekend I took some lovely photos.

My photos of the week!
Tulips - I love these flowers, it defiantly makes it more like summer when you have some of these in your house, It just brightens up my day.

Me - So last weekend me and my boy friend went out shopping for the day, and then we got a subway and sat down by the river, it was great. And I liked the fact I could get out my summer wear.

Company Magazine - So everyone has been buying this company magazine with Zoella on, it has some nice things inside and also i enjoyed reading Zoella's interview bit, I'm really looking forward to using my mascara at some point.

Blue sky - I couldn't believe how blue the sky was, I did just take a picture of the sky, but then it looked more like a wallpaper, so added in the top of the tree, I hope this weekend brings more lush weather for us all.

Have a great weekend. And what's your photos of the week?