Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Beauty Essentials

So since we've been having such cold weather, I haven't really wanted to go out and buy Make-up. The beginning of the year seems to be dried skin and face cream time of season. At last March has arrived and the weather has been perfect, so I've gone out and treated my self to a few beauty products which I'm loving.
Dove, Purely Pampering Hand Cream
This has been the best hand cream I have ever tried, it makes my hands so soft. As some of you may not know I have something called dermatitis, which is basically an infection you get in your hands. I normally will get this in very cold weather or washing my hands a lot. This cream pretty much doesn't leave my side.
Nivea - Pearly Shine
I've not really used lip balm for a while, but recently my lips have been getting very sore, I seem to also have this habit of biting the skin of it as well, I wasn't really sure what type of lip balm I wanted. So I went into ASDA and picked up this lovely pearly shine one, it defiantly makes your lips shine.
Dream Fresh BB Cream
There's so many different  types of foundation I have tried, a lot of the time most of them have affected my skin quite badly, which is kind of one of the reasons I wasn't wearing make-up. Since finding this in ASDA I decided to try it out on my skin, I am defiantly loving this one, it makes my skin so soft and looks pretty good.
I must say my favourite beauty product has always been a nice shiny lip gloss, I find it just adds that extra little bit more colour and shine to your lips, I also always find RIMMEL LONDON a good choice.
What's your beauty Essentials ?


  1. Hi! I didn't know you had re-started your blog, it looks so beautiful :) i love your page design! xx Laura


    1. Yeah, I wanted a change, my old blog didn't feel like it was mine at all and so I didn't feel like blogging. so I sat down and thought of loads of names and came up with this one so im really happy with it now and blogging loads more :) and Thanks :) xx