Saturday, 5 April 2014

Birds Of Pray


Hello! Hope your all enjoying your Saturday. I have always been into my owls. For Christmas 2013 my Boy Friend had got me a Red Letter Day, to see 'Birds Of Pray', and the day has come. This morning we went to someone's house which had a massive field and cages full of all kinds of Birds.

When we arrived the bloke had gone through a few safety bits and just a little bit about what he actually does. Then we turned to a massive Bird of Pray, which yes it was that big its wings had covered my head. We got taught which side we are suppose to be of the birds and which hand you have your glove on, My Boy Friend then had his first hold of the rather big bird and the bird of pray seemed really relaxed and calm, it then came to me to have a go and she wasn't so sure. I did get hit with the wings quite a bit so decided to give that one a miss.

We then came to the Owls, and these are my favourite, they was so gentle and soft, at first it was a little scary when they flew from a distance onto your glove but after doing it a couple of times it was fine, I just wanted to take one home with me :)

So my experience was amazing and I would defiantly go again. Hope your having a Fab weekend to.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Spring wear

I had so much fun doing this post. As I have told a few of you photography is becoming a massive interest to me. So I thought I would do an outfit of the day post and also just try an play about with my camera and a few editing programmes to see what I can come up with. So spring is finally here and I'm loving everything that is either peach colour or mint.

Peach Top
I love wearing these types of tops. When you look up close to them in shops they do have wholes in so it's a good idea to also buy a white or peach colour vest top. I recently brought this from New Look  which was £14.99 and they do come in all types of different colours.

Skinny Jeans
I'm always wearing skinny jeans, there just seems to be something about them that I just really like. I usually also buy a lot of mine from New Look, I don't think these was expensive but I was expecting to pay between £10 and £30. Also nice to wear for spring.

Silver Dolly Shoes
My favourite pair of shoes. Dolly Shoes. Once again I am into these types of shoes, I always find them so comphy and also with these I haven't warn for a long time so if that's the case for some of you I find the blister plasters are the best :). yes expensive but I can tell you they work as I've had the worst blister ever from new shoes.

What's you favourite Spring Wear ?

Sunday Morning: Feeding The Ducks

Hello Lovelies. Hope everyone's enjoying there weekend. But it is Monday tomorrow so back to work for everyone. This morning me and my Boy friend went for a lovely walk around the ponds to go and feed the ducks some bread :). When we got there, There was only two but then as we started to drive out they all started coming towards us. I think they new we had some food. The weather was a little bit off and on this morning, it was so nice and sunny but then the clouds came and got cold and windy. But just think it's the start of spring and very soon we shall all be getting our summer clothes on :)

It's not a very long post, but I'm just liking the photos I've taken today.

What have you been doing today ?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Beauty Essentials

So since we've been having such cold weather, I haven't really wanted to go out and buy Make-up. The beginning of the year seems to be dried skin and face cream time of season. At last March has arrived and the weather has been perfect, so I've gone out and treated my self to a few beauty products which I'm loving.
Dove, Purely Pampering Hand Cream
This has been the best hand cream I have ever tried, it makes my hands so soft. As some of you may not know I have something called dermatitis, which is basically an infection you get in your hands. I normally will get this in very cold weather or washing my hands a lot. This cream pretty much doesn't leave my side.
Nivea - Pearly Shine
I've not really used lip balm for a while, but recently my lips have been getting very sore, I seem to also have this habit of biting the skin of it as well, I wasn't really sure what type of lip balm I wanted. So I went into ASDA and picked up this lovely pearly shine one, it defiantly makes your lips shine.
Dream Fresh BB Cream
There's so many different  types of foundation I have tried, a lot of the time most of them have affected my skin quite badly, which is kind of one of the reasons I wasn't wearing make-up. Since finding this in ASDA I decided to try it out on my skin, I am defiantly loving this one, it makes my skin so soft and looks pretty good.
I must say my favourite beauty product has always been a nice shiny lip gloss, I find it just adds that extra little bit more colour and shine to your lips, I also always find RIMMEL LONDON a good choice.
What's your beauty Essentials ?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Photos Of The Week

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you've all got some great things planned for the weekend, As I announced a few days ago, I was going to shut down my 'Pretty Polish' blog. I just wasn't happy with it, also it didn't feel like my own. So I sat down and thought of ideas which would make it my own. I hope you like the idea I have come up with and you are all more than welcome to comment below for your ideas.
So to start of with I thought seen as we've been having this wonderful weather, last weekend I took some lovely photos.

My photos of the week!
Tulips - I love these flowers, it defiantly makes it more like summer when you have some of these in your house, It just brightens up my day.

Me - So last weekend me and my boy friend went out shopping for the day, and then we got a subway and sat down by the river, it was great. And I liked the fact I could get out my summer wear.

Company Magazine - So everyone has been buying this company magazine with Zoella on, it has some nice things inside and also i enjoyed reading Zoella's interview bit, I'm really looking forward to using my mascara at some point.

Blue sky - I couldn't believe how blue the sky was, I did just take a picture of the sky, but then it looked more like a wallpaper, so added in the top of the tree, I hope this weekend brings more lush weather for us all.

Have a great weekend. And what's your photos of the week?