Saturday, 5 April 2014

Birds Of Pray


Hello! Hope your all enjoying your Saturday. I have always been into my owls. For Christmas 2013 my Boy Friend had got me a Red Letter Day, to see 'Birds Of Pray', and the day has come. This morning we went to someone's house which had a massive field and cages full of all kinds of Birds.

When we arrived the bloke had gone through a few safety bits and just a little bit about what he actually does. Then we turned to a massive Bird of Pray, which yes it was that big its wings had covered my head. We got taught which side we are suppose to be of the birds and which hand you have your glove on, My Boy Friend then had his first hold of the rather big bird and the bird of pray seemed really relaxed and calm, it then came to me to have a go and she wasn't so sure. I did get hit with the wings quite a bit so decided to give that one a miss.

We then came to the Owls, and these are my favourite, they was so gentle and soft, at first it was a little scary when they flew from a distance onto your glove but after doing it a couple of times it was fine, I just wanted to take one home with me :)

So my experience was amazing and I would defiantly go again. Hope your having a Fab weekend to.